The Library committee organised a Library Orientation for freshers.The librarian Ms. Sangeeta Prajapati enlightened the students about how to effectively use the resources as well. Some of the other vital topics which were covered during the session were like:

1. Location and service hours
2. Library Software
3. Library Services
4. Library Sections
5. How to access book’s in the library
6. New Arrivals
7. Borrow and return books rules
8. Library rules and regulations
9. N- List.

The students appreciated the programme as they gained good insights about the library usage on a regular basis.


Students of Sunbeam Women’s College Varuna embarked on an enriching excursion to the Library Fair. organized at Varuna School with the aim of promoting a culture of reading and learning, the fair showcased a diverse array of books, educational resources, and literary activities.The fair featured numerous stalls representing various publishers, bookstores, and educational institutions.Exhibitors showcased a wide range of books, from academic texts to literature, catering to diverse interests and age groups.Students had the chance to explore freshly released titles and engage with authors during book signing sessions.