Program Description

The 3-year program of the science department aims at fulfilling the attainment of the degree of Bachelor of Science, with the subjects – Zoology, Botany & Chemistry. The syllabus of the program is well designed and covers a wide area of all respective topics, beneficial for the students for further higher education endeavors and at the same time, contribute to the welfare of the society. It also helps the students to recognize and appreciate the contribution of great scientists in the field of Zoology, Botany and Chemistry.

Program Outcome

The B.Sc. undergraduate programme is designed to intend the following outcomes:



Critical Thinking

Take informed actions after identifying the assumptions that frame our thinking and actions, checking out the degree to which these assumptions are accurate and valid, and looking at our ideas and decisions (intellectual, organizational, and personal) from different



Effective Communication

Speak, read, write and listen clearly in person and through electronic media in English and in one Indian language, and make meaning of the world by connecting people, ideas, books, media and technology.


Social Interaction

Elicit views of others, mediate disagreements and help reach conclusions in group settings.


Effective Citizenship

Demonstrate empathetic social concern and equity centered national development, and the ability to act with an informed awareness of issues and participate in civic life through volunteering.



Recognize different value systems including your own, understand the moral dimensions of your decisions, and accept responsibility for them.


Environment and Sustainability

Understand the issue of environmental contexts and sustainable development


Self-directed and Life-long learning

Acquire the ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of socio-technological changes

Eligibility Criteria

10+2 (with Bio Group or Math Group) from recognized board with 50% marks in aggregate.


We offer various courses under B.Sc. (BZC) Program.

Admission Procedure

Admission to B.Sc. program will be made as per rules prescribed by the M.G. Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi.