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We are leading educational institute since 1972

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Time spent in a college is often said to be the best years of life. Studying at Sunbeam Women’s College, Varuna will stand you in very good stead for your future life, providing fond memories, close friends and an academic experience from the most well-known education edifice : Sunbeam.

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Our educational delivery systems are designed to challenge you to think critically and push boundaries by investigating and developing the subject that you are passionate about.
Our college provides an unparalleled student experience of a prestigious, modern education aided by state of the art college infrastructure and facilities helping young girls to become empowered women.
Sunbeam’s research, teaching and learning are recognized and respected.the Sunbeam Women’s College will provide you with every opportunity to better yourself and take you closer to accomplishing your dreams.
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Sunbeam Colleges, With a bold set of goals, Aim to, Assure distinctiveness, Reinforce its appeal to our students, With unlimited creative potential, Transform them into healthy, educated Individuals, Inculcate duty, devotion and discipline in them And instill all the duties of a good citizen, Thus develop culturally rooted, Globally oriented, Self-reliant women, Secure in home and safe outside, Committed to contribute in all Walks of life.

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