UTTHAN—Start-up and Career Guidance club

Motto – “Creativity and consistency in action, beat the world”

Aim: – The start-up & Career Guidance club aims to inculcate entrepreneurship culture among youth and equip them with learning and training opportunities in academic, career and personal/ social development to meet future challenges.


  1. Competitive Exam Preparation – The club aims to organise various technical, advisory and educative sessions so that the students get acquainted to various competitive exams.
  2. Campus Interviews- The club aims to prepare students about various kinds of interview techniques for campus drive like telephonic, face to face group and individual interviews etc. Through mock interviews and workshops, the students gain hands on training in communication and self representation.
  3. Personality Development – The club is focused to organise and offer various programs on personality development, soft skills and communication skills for makings the students more confident and professional in nature.
  4. Professional and resume writing- The club aims to enhance the professional skills by giving them training for writing resume and official letters in proper format. This will help the students to connect with the business world.
  5. Cultivate Business Ideas- The club provides a platform to cultivate a business idea, teach them basic strategies like estimating costs and writing a business plan, and help them network their ideas toward sources of funding.
  6. Expert lectures-The club aims to arrange some expert lectures and seminars from start-up founders or from industry experts. They can guide students and resolve many of practical problems of the young entrepreneurs.
  7. Legal and financial start-up assistance -This club aims to seek assistance from various financial institutions including banks, incubation centres, alumni and other government organisation to cater financial and legal help to the budding entrepreneurs.
  8. Collaboration and Networking- The club aims to encourage networking opportunities with incubation centres, government portals and universities for promoting an exchange of business ideas and opportunities for start-up growth.