Motto: “Safe Journeys, Responsible Paths: Our Road Safety Club Ensuring a Secure Ride for All.”


Aim: JAGRITI CLUB (Road Safety Club) is to encourage community members, teachers, staff, and students to drive more safely. By encouraging a culture of safety, accountability, and community involvement, the Road Safety Club significantly contributes to the creation of a safer driving environment. The club can have a big influence on lowering traffic-related injuries and fatalities by raising awareness, advocating for changes, and taking action.


  1. Awareness and Education: To increase awareness about road safety rules, regulations, and best practices among the college students. This also includes educating general public about the dangers of speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the importance of wearing seat belts and helmets, and pedestrian safety through performance of Nukkad Natak by Club Volunteers.
  2. Advocacy: To advocate for safer roads and promote policies that enhance road safety. This can involve working with local government bodies, traffic authorities, and other stakeholders to improve road conditions, implement safer traffic management systems, and enhance overall road safety infrastructure.
  3. Community Engagement: To engage with the broader community through awareness campaigns, workshops, and events that spread the message of road safety. This could involve organizing road safety weeks, safe driving workshops, first aid training, and campaigns against drunk driving.
  4. Support and Resources: To provide support and resources for victims of road accidents and their families. This can include guidance on accessing medical and legal assistance, emotional support, and raising funds for those affected by road accidents.
  5. Collaboration: To collaborate with external organizations, such as non-profits, government agencies, and private companies, to leverage resources, expertise, and networks for broader impact in the area of road safety.