ECO-Science Club

APEIRON (Eco-Science Club)

Motto: Innovate, Aspire and Execute

Aim: To identify different problems and challenges faced by the ecosystem and to scientifically plan and execute possible ways of alleviating them.


  1. Environmental Education: Promoting awareness and understanding of environmental issues through educational activities, workshops, presentations, and discussions. This objective aims to increase members’ knowledge about ecological concepts, sustainable practices, and the importance of conservation.
  2. Conservation and Restoration: Engaging in hands-on activities to protect and restore natural ecosystems. This may involve organizing tree-planting events, clean-up campaigns, or participating in habitat restoration projects to improve biodiversity and preserve the environment.
  3. Research and Data Collection: Conducting scientific research and collecting data related to local ecosystems. This objective focuses on gathering information about flora, fauna, water quality, air pollution, or other relevant factors to contribute to scientific knowledge and inform conservation efforts.
  4. Advocacy and Awareness: Promoting environmental advocacy by raising awareness about pressing environmental issues and advocating for sustainable policies and practices. This objective may involve organizing awareness campaigns, participating in rallies or protests, and collaborating with other organizations to push for positive environmental change.
  5. Inculcate SDGs: To make students understand the importance of the SDGs and try to execute different activities catering towards their fulfillment.
  6. Imparting Competitive Aptitude: The club makes students take part in different competitions like debate, quiz and extempore related to environment and ecosystem, which ultimately augments soft skills like public speaking, creative thinking etc.