Literary Club

Motto: “Every vote counts and No voters to be left behind”

Aim: Electoral Literacy Club of Sunbeam Women’s College Varuna aims at strengthening the culture of electoral participation among young and future voters. It provides a forum for involving college students in engaging activities and practical experiences that raise awareness of their voting rights and familiarize them with the registration and voting procedures. Particularly, Electoral Literacy Clubs is being established with the goal of reaching out to newly registered voters who are pursuing their degrees and fall within the 18–21 age range. Each student across all streams will be a member of the club.


  1. The main objective of ELC is to promote awareness of ‘Right to Vote’ among students, faculty members and community at large.
  2. ELC encourages young people and prospective voters to vote.
  3. ELC works to educate the future voters about enrolment and other electoral process like EVM/VVPAT.
  4. ELC engages students in a variety of stimulating activities, events, and practical experiences that foster democratic principles and alertness.
  5. To develop a culture of electoral participation and a sense among the citizens that ‘Every vote counts and No voters to be left behind.