Nawazish: The Social Club

Motto: Teamwork divides the task & multiplies the Success.

Aim: Sunbeam Women’s College functions to promote the intellectual, social and education skills to construct global citizens. Keeping this vision in knowledge with NEP 2020 and ensuring the holistic development, apart from the bookish knowledge, the college has formed a social club. The club aims to certify the social connectivity and responsibility of the students. It encourages the students to participate in the social activities which promote their social learning skills of creativity, critical thinking of solving social problem, and implementation of new insights for the development.


The Social Club of the college has following objectives:


Creative Skill: The Social club encourages the students for interaction and conversation, which improves their learning. Every activity the club conducted inspires students to develop a new outlook on life. Students get the chance to develop and display their talents. In addition to help, students develop their interests and pastimes, school activities also help to improve their social and leadership abilities.

Social Skill: This club generates awareness about the contemporary social and environmental issues in the context of sustainability and social responsibility. It focuses on sustainable development and charity work with the passion for volunteerism and inciting change.

Integration:  Through the participation in several outreached skills, students would understand the importance of unity. The Social club would help to create tiny communities. It draws in individuals with similar interests, such as those in science, the arts, or sports.  Activities done in the club would help them to develop a feeling of community and cooperate with others to accomplish common objectives.

Interactive Skill: This club would provide the platform for the students to connect the people outside of the college.  The Students would gain social skills which enable them to interact with people from various backgrounds and collaborate with them in a variety of settings. They socialise with other classmates and step outside their comfort zone.