Sunbeam Women’s College, Varuna.

Finance ​Committee


1.   To see that Academic audit is conducted every Semester to evaluate the progress.

2.   To ensure that the Syllabus is completed in time and the Question Papers are set accordingly.

3.   To inspect the Library Services.

4.   To inspect whether the Head Clerk files and maintains the records of the biometric and see whether it tallies with the Muster Roll and Movement Register.

5.   To ensure that the Non-Teaching Staff abide by the arrival & departure timings.

6.   To ensure immediate regularization of leave/s by the Teaching and Non-teaching Staff.

7.   To inspect whether the Head -Clerk maintains records pertaining to timings, leaves, service- books, syllabus, enrollment, examination and other matters related to the Institution.

8.   To ensure that all the Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff maintain a Log-Book.

9.   To see whether annual financial audit has been done and records are maintained.