SWCV in its mission for continuous improvement in all sectors, academic or administrative has entrusted IQAC with the responsibility for arranging feedback responses from all stakeholders of the college on quality related institutional processes.




  1. To collect Regular Feedback from students, employees, alumni inculcate a sense of ownership about the organization and make them feel valued and responsible.
  2. To work on Effective feedback, both positive and negative which is important for continuous improvement as it helps in understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges faced by the college.
  3. It is advantageous to the college as well as the stakeholders as improvisations made based on the feedback received shall help college to improve and grow.
ID                     Name Role
40003418                    Dr. Himanshi Agarwal Convenor
40001816                    Dr. Manisha Singh Member
40001516                    Dr. Mamta Tiwari Member
40005921                    Dr. Reena Baral Member
40005620                    Dr. Soumik Goswami Member
SWCV/847                    Ms. Prashasti

Student Representative

SWCV/846                    Ms. Ankita                                   Student Representative