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Message from Chairman & Director:

As an Educational Institution, Sunbeam has been on the forefront of empowering women through education.

Welcome to one more endeavour towards

Welcome to Sunbeam Women's College Varuna.
At Sunbeam Women's College we will not only challenge you to be 'the best you can be' in academic achievement but will also have a holistic approach to personal learning. The delivery systems in the class rooms will be rich and engaging, and the range of cultural, sporting and performance opportunities provided in huge number will allow every student access to an environment where you can participate and excel. At Sunbeam Women's College Varuna , we will also continue to collaborate, explore and embrace the digital advancements while providing instructional platforms that equip our students with the tools necessary to be at the cutting edge of educational and technological transformation.

For me, Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions is truly The connect...... to inspired learning that transforms and empowers lives. The prospectus will give you all a glimpse of how we do it!!

Deepak Madhok